You will be remembered by your clients for your work. So see to it that you provide quality services to the clients who come to you because only then will they recommend you to someone else and you will get another opportunity to do even better. Providing your client with something even better than what they expected will pave way for your successful career as an event manager.
Moving on to the expected salary. Exhibition Stall Designers is a glamorous job as it has a lot of exposure. A fresher in the event management field in India could get paid anywhere between 3 to 5 lakhs per annum starting. It is a very lucrative field where your performance pays you.
The good side of event management as a career is that it provides you with job security and plenty of opportunities to grow as you work. And when you speak about the good you cannot omit the bad. The downside of event management is of course the high work load. You need to manage everything on time and deliver on time as it is most important.


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